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Visr (vīzər) is an app that alerts parents to issues their kids face online. Our insight into your kids’ online lives – plus your parental intuition – can protect them without sacrificing their independence. Visr proves this every day. Visr analyzes your kids’ social media, email activity and more using advanced text analysis and image scanning, letting you know if – and only if – an issue arises. Issues include bullying, age inappropriate content and possible mental health concerns – 23 categories in total).
How does Visr work? Download the app, follow instructions to connect your child's social media accounts to our secure system – including Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest (more are coming soon).
If a potential problem does arise we alert you immediately. That way. you can start a healthy and honest conversation with your child, allowing you to intervene before they can become larger and more difficult to resolve.
Used by thousands of households across the globe, Visr is quickly becoming the new essential tool for parents, helping find the right balance between being intrusively hands-on, or dangerously hands-off, carefully balancing kids privacy and parental oversight.
Thousands have welcomed Visr into their homes. Here’s why:
- Notifications that Matter: Get notified when there’s a possible issue. Pick any or all of the 23 we scan for, including bullying, age-inappropriate material and even possible mental health concerns. Plus we’re constantly adding more categories and increased insights, giving parents more valuable information all the time.
- Notifications You Care About: Not concerned if your child uses the occasional curse word? Then neither are we. But for the issues that you do care about, there’s no better solution than Visr. Every parent is different, and we are built for that.
- From any device, anywhere: From their tablets and smartphones to the computer at the public library, if they’re signed into their social media accounts, we’re there with our cloud-based platform
- Insight without Intrusion: We don’t cut off access, we don’t restrict your kid’s online independence, and we don’t over-share. But if a problem arises online, we give you the information you need to handle it.
- Smarter technology: Every day our system gets smarter and stronger, which means alerts will only get better over time.
- Adding More Networks: We already support Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest – and we’re adding more soon.